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Database Development
Linx Consulting, Inc. specializes in the creation and modification of custom databases and applications that make your work so much easier and convenient. Linx Consulting uses database products that are popular, well-supported and quite possibly, free.
Organizations require databases. In the simplist of forms a database can be a piece of paper with the names and phone numbers of club members written on it.
These days organizations like businesses and non-profits need more than a piece of paper. Some organizations use spreadsheets but there comes a time when even spreadsheets are no longer adiquate. Too many files build up over time and the files get scattered across the network. Duplication of effert becomes the norm and different people start giving different answers to the same questions.
An electronic database can solve many of the issues that you may face when trying to track data, be it customers, members or inventory. Creating an application that ties to the database makes the database accessible by the entire organization in a way that is easy to use and understand.
Linx Consulting, Inc. would love to create a custom database and application for you that makes your data management easy, convenient and user-friendly. Depending on your current software we may also be able to modify and repair a database/application that needs some help.
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