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Microsoft Access Development
Data is important to the success of every business and organization. You may keep your data on paper, in computer files, such as text files or in one or more spreadsheet files. Your data can include anything you can think of that can be represented as text and numbers and that will benefit your organization's success. It may be your customer information, products and inventory or analytical data.
While keeping data is very important, keeping it organized is also very important. With other data storage methods you run into problems when it comes to getting data back out of the system. You may keep very good paper records but retrieving the right information quickly and at the right time can be complicated, confusing and messy. It can also be time consuming if your filing system is not well structured. Using computerized spreadsheets is an improvement over paper and text documents because you can store different but related information in separate worksheets that make up a workbook but you can still run into issues when it comes to retrieving the information you need because it may not be clear which worksheet holds that data. Additionally, with all of these methods of storing data there will be lots of duplication of data in order for you keep related data together.
This is where Microsoft Access comes into play.
Through the development of an Access database you will have a system that stores your data in records in one or more tables. Different but related information can be stored in separate tables that are created specifically for the type of data you are collecting. By using IDs, related data in separate tables can be linked together, making it possible to track all sorts of information within a system that makes it easy to retrieve all related data. This is referred to as a relational database structure. An example of the benefits of a relational database system is that you can store a customer's information once, in one record but store their various addresses or email addresses in records in separate tables and quickly and easily tie all of that information together. Different users can create, modify and share your information, all in real-time.
Where Microsoft Access really shines is in the creation of an application front-end. An application front-end provides you with the forms, reports and functionality that makes it easy and intuitive to use the information in your database system. Access has objects like text boxes, lists, check boxes and charts that can be placed on forms and reports to create an elegant user interface that creates a positive user experience for everyone the uses the application.
In case you require additional security over your organization's information, Access can be attached server databases. Besides additional security, server database engines can perform the most complicated business rules and analysis tasks on the server side and then return just the desired data to the Access application. Additionally, Access can attach to multiple database engines at the same time.
Developing an elegant, user-friendly database front-end that handles the most challenging tasks can be time consuming and you likely have better things to do. Linx Consulting, Inc. will create your application for you with the specifications you provide that will make your organization more successful. We can also add additional functionality and features and repair existing Access applications.
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