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Web Development Frameworks

Web Development Frameworks
Development frameworks are meant to make web app development easy. There are all sorts of frameworks available and they work in different ways. Some provide an entire website structure and you fill in empty area with your content. Some are just for developers. They may provide a directory structure and additional scripts that the developer can use to create a website or web app.
Not all frameworks are created equal. Some actually make development more difficult and they all have limitations that have to be overcome with custom programming.
At Linx Consulting, Inc. we can use a framework if it makes sense. That means the framework will decrease development time and do the things you want your website or application to do. If a framework doesn't make sense, we can create a website or application entirely from scratch.
Even if we create a website or application entirely from scratch it will still take advantage of some of the things a framework provides. For example, a logical directory structure will be created. As much as possible, the files in the site will become templates so that they can be used repeatedly for the parts of the site that should look and work the same. Examples of templates are the page headers, menus and page footers.
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